Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Nine of Lent

Today is Day Nine of my Spiritual Journey through Lent.

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A couple of months ago I talked to a friend of mine, Laurie, about Lent.
It was not a long conversation, but enough to peak my interest in observing it this year.
My upbringing was Baptist, and as an adult I have attended more Charismatic fellowships, neither of which holds an observance of Lent.
 My intention was to subject my whole being to "sacrifice" and "prayer", including praying intently for something very specific; however, in this process I have learned there is much more.

The Holy Spirit has caused my heart to reflect much deeper on just "who" is this God that I call Heavenly Father; and "who" is this man named Jesus whom I say is my "friend".

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My chosen "sacrifice" for Lent has been sugar, as in the form of "dessert"....God knows how much I love my sweets!

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As my lust for "sugar" rears its head, rather than groan and moan about being "deprived", I have found myself remembering the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus went through, and mine pales in comparison.

 I mean, really, Jesus was spit on, whipped and beaten until there was no more flesh, a crown of thorns was shoved on his head, and he was forced to carry the very cross on which later he would hang.

 Later, on top of a hill called Golgatha, he was laid on that cross, with arms outstretched nails (which were more like spikes) were driven into the palm of his hands, and the top of his feet. If all that wasn't enough, that cross was raised up and dropped into the ground to stand, with Jesus hanging there. After several hours with barely a breath left in him "Jesus called out with a loud voice, 'Father, into your hands I commit my spirit'[e] When he had said this, he breathed his last." (Luke 23:46 New International Version)

 To believe what I have written in this last paragraph, you must believe that the bible is true. I do, with all of my heart.

 I am looking forward to these next several weeks leading up to Easter and this spiritual journey called Lent.
As I do, I will write to you, my friends, and share what good things the Lord has done.

Blessings to you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Ten-on-Ten

1 - Air Cast
2 - My Chauffer - Sweet Hubby
3 - Lunchtime
4 - My coworker and friend: Laurie
5 - A surprise gift from Laurie ( I have really been wanting to order this book) - thank you Laurie SO MUCH!!
6 - Knitting during lunchbreak
7 - Christian Alexander (he is 20 months today)
8 - Another :)
9 - Tonight's dinner: Apples, orange, and banana with a bit of Cinnamon (hubby home late tonight)
10 - Buck looks like he's watching TV - hmm..maybe he was!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We started another project yesterday. As most homeowners of older homes already know, there is ALWAYS something to do. I have said in previous posts, probably on my old blog, that this house had been a rental before we bought it. We have been so grateful for this place and have taken our time to decided what is really necessary to be done and what can wait, or perhaps not be done at all.

With all that said, we have been putting up with this horrible light blue carpeting for quite awhile now. We've tried cleaning it a few times, but each time spots that had not been there before were there when things dried. That was frustrating to say the least, and just plain NASTY! We have been talking for a couple of years about eventually putting wood laminate flooring throughout the house. We had been thinking that our next project would be replacing the windows since the current ones are not energy efficient at all. That idea went out the window, ha, no pun intended, when we ripped up the carpet in the dining room yesterday and finished pulling up the tack strips today.

Did I tell you that Rick and I work so great together? He is the best teacher too. Before working for Weyerhaeuser he worked for a remodeling company in Tacoma. This is his real passion, but as with any construction type work, jobs can be hit and miss. It has been such a joy for him to work on our place, and he has taught me quite a few things along the way. 

For now we put down an area rug we had in storage.

This project is going to take awhile since we don't use credit cards. What that means is we will buy necessary supplies each payday. The cool thing is that when the project is done, it is done - no payments!
I will be sure to post updates on this project, and more.....